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I’m 19 years old and I’m a university student.

I have a problem with my personality.

For me, it’s difficult to make a friend. Until now, I never trust a friend so I always make distance with my friends. I don’t know. I never know the real reason why I become like this. In my heart and mind, sincerely, I wanna make lots friend. But in fact, I can’t. I have no self confidence and always afraid for making faults or do some unusual things. I like to do everything by myself..

I always prioritize my prestige. I choose to hide under shell and do nothing because I’m afraid to know what

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Need Help with Extreme Anxiety

Middle of the night I wake up in a panic and need to check on my husband because I am sure that he died in his sleep. I feel his chest and cannot feel him breathing or a heart beat, I usually shake him or grab him freaking out which wakes him up. Some nights I wake up sobbing other nights my husband has to wake me up because I am crying in my sleep. I have done this with all of my children when they were little and my husband for years now but it was only once in a great while. Now it is much more extreme, at least once a week. I was the day time caretaker of my grandmother who passed away in January and I think that could be the cause of the increase in this anxiety. I need to know what this is and how I can make it stop. Please give me some direction .

A: I’m so sorry this has gone on so long without treatment. What you are describing is an anxiety disorder. Everyone who loves someone has some fears that something will happen to them. But in your case, those fears are in over-drive. I agree that the death of your grandmother probably exacerbated what was already a serious problem. Her death made your fears even more real for you.

I think you should consider seeing a mental health professional who is experienced with anxiety disorders. It might be helpful to take some anti-anxiety medication for awhile just to bring the anxiety down a notch to make it more possible for you to take advantage of talk therapy. Cognitive-behavioral therapy has been found to be the most useful approach for managing this kind of problem. You will learn ways to stop the negative thoughts and to replace them with reassurances on your own.

Please follow through and get the help you need. You – and your husband – deserve to sleep peacefully.

I wish you well.
Dr. Marie

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Flowers still best way to a woman’s heart

Flowers still best way to a woman’s heart

ANI Jun 12, 2012, 12.08PM IST


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(Flowers still best way to…)

A bouquet of flowers can indeed have a powerful impact on romance, scientists have found.

Psychologists have discovered that the presence of flowers make women significantly more receptive to men’s advances, even when the flowers are in the background rather than presented as a gift, the Telegraph reported.

The findings prove that flowers can play a major role on making love blossom, suggesting that the Bard was right all along.

A team of psychologists from the University of South Brittany in France found that young women shopping on their own are far more likely to give their phone number to a handsome young man who approaches them if they are stopped outside a flower shop, rather than a cake shop or woman’s shoe shop.

The university recruited five young men who had been previously judged as being attractive by a group of women.

These men were then told to approach young women between the age of 18 and 25 in the street to try to get their phone numbers. Each man was told to say their name, tell the woman that she was very pretty and ask for her phone number so that they could later go for a drink.

Of the 600 women approached, around a quarter – or 144 – agreed to give their number if they were asked for it outside a flower shop.

This compares to just one in seven – or 90 – outside a bakery, and one in ten outside a shoe shop.

The researchers said that the experiment shows that the site of flowers makes people more open to romance.

“Flowers reflect our emotions and moods. They often convey feelings of compassion, regret, merriment or even romance. The results confirm the effect of exposure to flowers on receptivity to romantic request,” the research found.

Dr Tom Buchanan, an expert in psychology at the University of Westminster, said that the sight of a certain object can lead people to behave in certain ways, even if they do not realise it.

He said that because flowers are associated with romance, people often start thinking, speaking or behaving in a romantic way when they see them.

“These findings are consistent with the phenomenon known as automatic or behavioural priming. That is where ‘cues’ – or triggers – in your environment can lead you to behave in ways that are consistent with that environment.

“So the presence of the flower shop, which is associated with romance, could have primed people to behave in a way that is more receptive to the researcher’s advances,” Dr Buchanan said.

The findings were published in The Journal of Social Psychology.

via Flowers still best way to a woman’s heart – Times Of India.

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